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Make Remote Work.
Remotespace is shared virtual space for remote teams.
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Drag and drop avatar nearby others to speak
Restore that in office feeling at home. Or the beach. Or wherever.
Remove barriers to collaboration
Collaboration is everything in a remote world. But not at the cost of siloing teammates.

Seamlessly remove barriers between teams with shared spaces so everyone knows where and how to meet.
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Distributed spacing
Space between meetings
Not all interactions require a scheduled meeting. And sometimes endless messaging just doesn't cut it.

Join the conversation when it makes sense or pull others in when needed, just like in office.
Have a voice
The best results come when everyone has a voice. One speaker in a meeting of many people limits potential.

Talk to whoever, whenever in shared virtual spaces.
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Humanize remote work
Remote work is inherently transactional. Getting to know teammates is just as important as getting work done.

Seamlessly speak with others by navigating a personal avatar nearby teammates, or learn more about them through profiles.
Remotespace for your company.
Office space is so 2019. Remotespace is 2030. See what the future is about.
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